Why is temperature regulation important?

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An introduction to temperature regulation

Temperature regulation is a complex and critical process for maintaining health. Impairment to this process can lead to systemic effects and serious health consequences. The body needs to balance heat made with heat lost and ideally, the body should stay 37˚C +/- 1-2˚ to maintain thermal homeostasis.

Overheating (non sweating)

Due to impaired or dysfunctional thermoregulation system individuals can struggle with overheating.

Problem: high risk of developing heat stress due to the inability to maintain heat balance

• Symptoms include: fatigue, dizzyness, muscle spasms, heat induced seizures and nausea

• Risk to skin integrity and incidence of skin injury due to heat and moisture

Solution: WheelAir provides a constant flow of air and takes away excess heat through convection and conduction heat loss

• Reduced back and body temperature reduces symptoms

A little air goes a long way

At WheelAir we use the tool of airflow to address heat exchange and influence temperature control.

Through active and controlled airflow the WheelAir influences all mechanisms of heat exchange (Convection, Conduction, Evaporation). These processes of heat exchange at the skin support surface aid temperature regulation.

Furthermore, WheelAir positively influences microclimate; reducing skin temperature and by providing the tools for heat and moisture exchange at the support surface that are otherwise occluded from such processes.

The graph indicates the average temperature differences for the three different test groups. These results were obtained by using WheelAir at the highest setting 4. Over a prolonged period of time, the back temperature seems to stabilise with the ambient environment temperature. This indicates that there would be no build-up of heat and moisture.

Improving quality of life, productivity and care demands

Asides clinical benefits such as reducing heat stress symptoms, quality of life, productivity and care needs area all factors benefiting from the WheelAir.

• Therapy and related productivity – the ability to manage and regulate temperature enables individuals to participate in activity without interruption or curtailment

• Care needs – Managing temperature regulation and moisture build-up reduces intimate care needs and frees up time to other preferred tasks

• Quality of life – Managing temperature enables participation in daily activities otherwise prohibited due to overheating or moisture buildup

WheelAir recognises the holistic impact temperature control has on an individual and how better control over temperature regulation can improve quality of living for individuals.


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