WheelAir Meet Glasgow’s Inter Spinal Games Team

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This week, we had a fantastic opportunity to go to Glasgow’s Spinal Unit where we met the Glasgow Inter Spinal Games team.

We will be supporting the team by offering the 8 members with a wheelAIR cooling backrest to use before and at the event. 

We will be attending the games later this month with our official brand ambassador, double Paralympian Michael Kerr in support of the Glasgow team.

Last Friday, we presented the team with their cushions alongside Wellspect Healthcare, who are sponsoring the team by providing their kit.

So what are the Inter-Spinal Games?

National wheelchair sport charity, WheelPower, organise and host the Inter-Spinal Games which take place at their headquarters, Stoke Mandeville Stadium in Aylesbury. We can confirm it is a pretty epic stadium from last time we were down there delivering WheelPowers’ wheelAIR (read our blog post on this here).

The 8 members of the Glasgow Inter Spinal team will be part of 100 patients and 60 support staff from 14 Spinal Injury Centres and Specialist Units across the United Kingdom who attend.

From the 16th until the 20th of April, patients receive coaching and demonstrations from current leading wheelchair athletes and coaches in a variety of sports.

The games form an essential part of many patient’s rehabilitation – they are sometimes the patients first time outside a hospital or home environment since their injury.

Paralympian Michael Kerr, our brand ambassador who got us involved with the team said: “I can say from when I competed in the Inter Spinal Games 18 years ago after my spinal cord injury that they were a pivotal moment in my recovery. Being around so many other people in a similar position and trying new sports really helped me feel positive and plan for my future.”

WheelAir's Role

We believe the wheelAIR can be a key tool in accelerating recovery after a spinal injury. Temperature regulation can be at its most erratic during this time, and continued physiotherapy and recovery activities elevate temperature even more. This not only causes discomfort, but can lead to more serious health ailments associated with hyperthermia. The wheelAIR can help prevent any temperate related complications and ensure the user can focus maximum energy into their rehabilitation.

Not only this, the wheelAIR offers far more support than current backrests because of the viscoelastic foams used. The foam reacts to body temperature, moulding exactly around the shape of the back and immediately enhances posture without the need for an intrusive structure.

We are delighted to be a part of the games. Not only are we able to support these 8 fantastic individuals, we will be able to gather valuable feedback from them and support staff.

So more to follow… watch this space!!

**If you would like to cover this story, please refer to our Inter Spinal Games press pack which contains a press release, product flyer and images of the event.**