WheelAir and moulded seating: now a reality with Consolor Ltd!

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WheelAir and Consolor

WheelAir and moulded seating… that’s right, air cooled modular seating is now a reality!

We are extremely excited to share with you that we are now working with specialists in custom made seating systems, Consolor Ltd, to create a innovative new custom seating solution. This brings together WheelAir and moulded seating for the first time.

We have worked together to combine the cooling airflow properties of WheelAir and the close contouring and postural support/correction of Consolor carved foam and moulded seating systems. Consolor have now incorporated the WheelAir option into all of their custom seating prescription forms as a standard available option, as well as their modular seat SOLO.

To work with Consolor and cool those who use moulded seating is a huge milestone for us. We know that those who use these seats often struggle the most with heat and moisture build up, so we are excited by how this could transform their lives.

Kieran Cheer, Managing Director of Consolor, has said:

“By recessing the vents of the WheelAir system into the carved foam backrest the custom contours are maintained and the user benefits from the cooling airflow throughout the height of the backrest.”

Interested in getting a modular backrest with cooling technology?! Email us, or get in touch with Consolor here.