WheelAir System

A fully customisable modular solution to provide temperature relief and microclimate control

The field of seating and positioning often requires medical practitioners to find creative solutions to complex cases. WAcare line provides a fully customisable solution in partnership with seating manufacturers. As a modular system, the clinician or technician can select the desired components and place the Fluid FlowTM channels wherever airflow temperature or humidity control is most needed.

Rigid Back Integration

Full temperature and moisture control, now available for integration in your rigid back.

Have you been eyeing up our Slingback and wishing it could fit on your rigid backrest? Well, now it can! With help from our selected partners, we can now integrate and retrofit the WheelAir System to rigid backs.

Custom Seating

Don’t compromise on posture to stay cool

The WAcare parts become integrated components of the seating system, with only the Fanbox visible and removable. Due to the modularity there are really no limits as to how and where the products can be integrated. The request for a WAcare integration can be made by the medical practitioner with one of our recognised partners, with whom we work closely together to integrate as desired.