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WheelAir has your back

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WheelAir is designed for all types of wheelchair seating systems and gives the user the power to control WheelAir’s airflow to keep them cool and comfortable all day long. By dispersing air evenly across your back using the patented channel technology, it helps avoid symptoms caused by overheating and over sweating while keeping skin dry and clean. By keeping cool and comfortable with WheelAir, you can focus on work, school, social activities, or anything (without having to worry about overheating or over-sweating!).

"On Monday morning I took an exam before my WheelAir was delivered, and it was about 30°C + humidity, so I struggled with the heat and sweat, as usual. When my WheelAir arrived, I took my next exam and my back was completely dry, I felt so much more comfortable and could focus better as well."  - Romina

How Sophie stays cool during a busy work day: 

“I struggle with overheating in my wheelchair because of my cerebral palsy. This affects me the most when I am working and playing sports. I hate that ‘sweaty back’ feeling that is all too common on warm or busy days. I use WheelAir all the time whilst working in the office. It’s basically silent so doesn’t interrupt the flow of the day at all. Also, I can charge it easily on the go using a portable charger. I love that both the memory foam and cooling technology gives me that next level of comfort. Everyone in my office is very jealous!” – Sophie


How Samanta controls her temperature with WheelAir: 

“It amazed me how much more I used the WheelAir than I thought I would. For example, I was in London on a very hot day (28 ̊C) for a meeting. The broken air conditioning system was causing me much discomfort, but with the press of a button I was cool and back in control.  Using the WheelAir made such a difference to my comfort!”
– Samanta

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