At work or on the ski slopes, Sophie Bevan doesn’t just ‘deal with’ over sweating and overheating

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Let me talk to you about why you shouldn’t just ‘deal with’ over sweating and overheating and why WheelAir really is your lifesaver when it comes to this problem!

I’ll start by telling you a little bit about myself, I’m Sophie, I’m 28, a ginge and I have Cerebral Palsy. 

 I’m going to write about two things that aren’t discussed often enough amongst those of us with disabilities; over sweating and overheating. These might not be two things that you are aware of everyday but believe me when I say that once a scenario is put to you, it really gets you thinking.

I work at a busy university and I’m moving around between spaces all day (well, pre-covid) and let’s be honest, pushing a wheelchair might look easy to an untrained eye but boy does it take effort. I never truly understood the effort it took and how it really made me feel, until I was introduced to the fabulous gang at WheelAir. Why was I feeling uncomfortable after exerting lots of energy, and forever pulling my top away from my back? Put simply, I was overheating and probably sweating a little more than most. Yuck, right? The reason behind this, is due to the fact we don’t move around as much when we’re on wheels, it is much harder for us to regulate and then maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature. 

Dealing with overheating and over-sweating

Overheating and over sweating are things I previously overlooked or ignored if I’m honest, but once I became more aware, I began to realise that it was having an effect on my productivity as I was adapting to compensate. This is something that is not at all good for us or our skin and bodies. However, I have some good news for you – this is not something we just have to accept and ‘deal with’ anymore. Thanks to the saviour that is WheelAir!  “The WheelAir system is the first temperature control system designed to fit any wheelchair. It disperses air evenly across your back to lower your core temperature, keeping the skin dry and clean.” 

So easy to use and so discreet, it doesn’t sound out on your chair and is stylish! It’s easy to control by remote control and will make those who are warm around you quite jealous! Now, I’m in control, and not overheating. I can turn on the WheelAir before I start to exert a lot of energy or get too hot and very quickly I’m beginning to feel more comfortable, meaning I can even carry on with some tasks for longer, whereas previously I may have needed to take a rest or break.

Sit-skiing & overheating

Touching on the fact I’m able to enjoy things for longer with my WheelAir leads me nicely on to talking about something I really enjoy and that’s skiing. Being in a sit ski, navigating down mountains at 40+ mph is not something I ever thought I would do as a child, but I came across at great charity DSUK and they helped to make it a reality. Now you might be thinking, snow? Isn’t it cold so how are you going to overheat or over sweat? You would be right, yes it can be very cold especially at the top, but I am still using a lot of energy and muscles in order to ski so my body is getting rather warm, however, knowing that when I come off the slopes for lunch or for a drink or two, I can sit in my chair with my WheelAir on one of its 6 cooling settings is great. It means I don’t need to only do half a day if I don’t want to, it gives me the freedom to get back out there on the slopes and get the adrenaline pumping once more. 


Sophie in a sit ski on the slopes


WheelAir Pro

I feel so incredibly lucky and grateful to have found the team at WheelAir and being able to offer my views and opinions on topics and product development as a WheelAir Pro is fabulous. It helps me feel like I’m not only making a difference to everyday self and what I can achieve, but I’m playing a part in helping others through talking about it and showing it to others when out and about. 


There are so many options and possibilities out there waiting to be taken on this incredible journey we’re riding through life, so don’t let over sweating and overheating ruin that! Be in control and let WheelAir be the breath of fresh air (pun totally intended) that your body is trying to tell you it needs.


To learn more about Sophie’s experience with WheelAir, read her case study here or watch this video.