Our very own next generation backrest with an integrated WheelAir System

A canvas backrest but taken to the next level, combining function and effortlessly stylish (and silent) design. The WheelAir backrest combines carefully selected fabric and foams to enhance your back support and comfort. Available in 12 sizes to fit all manual or power chairs with velcro straps at the back.


Slingback product overview

27 hours battery life

6 airflow settings

Wireless Remote

Low Noise

USB-C Chargeable

12 sizes available

Stylish Design

Machine Washable Removable Cover


WheelAir's airflow has a significant effect on reduction of temperature and relative humidity

WheelAir Slingback (WA SB) keeps the back contact area up to 9.2°C cooler when the fanbox is on, compared to when it is off.

Thermal homeostasis is 37ºC +/- 1-2ºC. The body needs to balance heat made with heat lost. Temperature control and thermal comfort depend upon internal and external factors that influence the achievement of heat balance. WheelAir provides a constant flow of air and takes away excess heat and moisture through convection and conduction, achieving a level more effective for skin to function normally.

For more information, view our Slingback Tests here.


Available in 12 sizes to fit all active lightweight rigid and folding wheelchairs with a canvas backrest. Measure the width and length of your current backrest cushion to determine which size is best for you.

Product Weight: 1000g (smallest size) 1300g (largest size)

If you wish to purchase a bespoke WheelAir (fitted exactly your wheelchair/ with personal specifications), then please email us on with what you require and we will be in touch.

29x73 cm, 33x73 cm, 36x73 cm, 40x73 cm, 42x73 cm, 44x73 cm, 29x84 cm, 33x84 cm, 36x84 cm, 40x84 cm, 42x84 cm, 44x84 cm


We've made changes to have an even bigger impact on overheating and over sweating

WheelAir is about giving the user more choice. More fan speeds, choice of seating system and a 24 hour battery life.


What healthcare professionals and WheelAir users think

“I’ve seen it first hand, the impact that overheating has on someone’s ability to carry out their daily activities and for their general well-being as well. Not just to simply carry out tasks, but for safety, the medical consequences as well, blood pressure, feeling of wellness. It is a significant issue”

Susie Turnbull

Advanced Occupational Therapist

Watch video here
Due to nature of my disability, a spinal cord injury, I can’t regulate my body temperature. I feel uncomfortable with any weather over 21 – 22 degrees. This causes all kinds of issues – fatigue, dizziness, nausea, inability to concentrate. However, by using the WheelAir before and after training and matches, my performance improved every time."

Antony Cotterill

GB wheelchair tennis player, paralympian

I am unable to feel free physically without WheelAir and I experience symptoms of overheating such as tiredness, sick feeling in my stomach, being wet from sweating, clammy skin, my posture is slumped because I just feel unwell. With WheelAir, I can avoid these negative feelings and symptoms by using the cooling airflow to manage my temperature throughout the day.

Rachel Broxton

WheelAir user

“With my WheelAir, I worry less about heat and moisture related issues. I do think in summer it will mean that I no longer have to use creams or antibiotics. This is a significant improvement.”

Nienke Conijn

WheelAir Slingback User


This product is available to buy direct from WheelAir.