See you at Kidz to Adultz Middle!

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What is Kidz to Adultz?

Kidz to Adultz Middle is an event organised by Disabled Living dedicated to children and young adults with disabilities and additional needs, their parents, carers, and the professionals who support them.

We are so excited to be bringing V2 WheelAir to the show! 

We love meeting everyone at the shows, and we can’t wait to show off V2! V2 is about giving the user more choice – more fan speeds, choice of seating system, a wireless remote, 2 hour charge time, and 27-hour battery life.



How does WheelAir work? 

The three main issues WheelAir addresses are overheating, over-sweating, and microclimate. Wheelchair users can have difficulty in managing temperature, often as a result of their physical condition, but also compounded by seating systems that lack ventilation. Whilst seated, there is a buildup of heat and moisture on the seat/back contact areas. If using a normal wheelchair backrest cushion, after 30 minutes of use, the user’s back temperature will, on average, have risen by 2.2˚C or a 6.9% increase. This creates a microclimate that compromises skin integrity due to the heat and moisture buildup and the process of maceration occurring and its effect upon tissue structures and their ability to withstand forces such as friction and shear against the seat/back surface. This can lead to pressure injuries and moisture-related skin damage, as well as the other systemic effects that overheating and sweating causes such as discomfort, ill health, and care needs. We have worked with individuals that suffer from heat-induced seizures, muscle spasms, heat stroke, and other severe health issues. 

Through active and controlled airflow WheelAir positively influences microclimate, reducing skin temperature and by providing the tools for heat and moisture exchange at the support surface that are otherwise occluded from such processes. Airflow assists in maintaining skin integrity by reducing the risk of heat and moisture associated skin damage by keeping skin cool and dry. When turning the WheelAir on, within 3 minutes, the user’s back temperature on average has decreased 2.4˚C. Using the WheelAir, a further 27 minutes (so 30 minutes in total) lowers the back temperature on average 8˚C. 


Want to try V2 WheelAir in person? 
Francis will be available throughout the day. Drop him an email at to arrange a meeting!


The location of this event offers much easier access to the Kidz to Adultz events for people from Central England and the Midlands, including Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and further afield.
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