Samanta Bullock: “Why WheelAir Makes You A Cooler Person.”

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The wonderful Samanta Bullock now has a wheelAIR cooling backrest cushion

She has since written a fantastic blog post about why wheelAIR makes you a cooler person!

Samanta Bullock is a model, an ambassador for Parallel London and Fashion Inclusivo, former Paralympic tennis player as well as a public speaker. A force to be reckoned with by all accounts! We were absolutely delighted that she rated the WheelAir so highly and it made her more comfortable during her day to day tasks. Read her thoughts here:

I came across WheelAir last year when a friend approached me about this amazing product. At that time I didn’t understand much about all of its benefits and I didn’t think too much about it until earlier this year when I went to Naidex to be a judge of the Naidex Changing Lives Award. WheelAir was a product in the competition so I became more familiar with it and realised all of its benefits.

I’ve now tried the product and then today I am here to talk it as I believe it will improve the lives of so many wheelchair users.

It is something that will change the game for wheelchair users.

WheelAir is a backrest that blows cool air onto your back making you feel fresher in the hot weather.  If you are a wheelchair user you will understand when I say that in the heat it’s not fun at all to be sitting all the time.

Also for tetraplegics who don’t perspire it probably will be an excellent purchase as it will help you to keep cool. Another situation where it will help us is when we are playing sport because we get hot and sweaty and the WheelAir backrest will help keep us cool.

So I’ve tried it for a week now and I have used it in 3 situations that made me feel much more refreshed.

  1. The first was in a meeting where the air conditioning wasn’t working properly and I was just fine after turning it on.
  2. Last weekend I used it at the gym during an Insanity session…. oooooh  I can’t describe that feeling. It was hot and the backrest made a big difference.
  3. Happened today. During a photoshoot in the sun where the temperature was 28 degrees…. lifesaver.

So this is my initial review and I hope to share with you many more situations where it will have an impact. If you also have one please let me know what you think.

They have some case studies so you can take a look and see how it improves the lives of different people from different backgrounds.

Here is their website in case you would like to know more about it.

I am so happy to demonstrate products that will help somehow.”