Rigid Back

Full temperature and moisture control, now available for integration in your rigid back.

Have you been eyeing up our Slingback and wishing it could fit on your rigid backrest? Well, now it can! With help from our selected partners, we can now integrate and retrofit the WheelAir System to rigid backs.


3 steps to having your own WheelAir

Step 1 - Consultation

In your email please provide the following information: the brand name of your backrest, pictures of the backrest and how it sits on the wheelchair, and the dimensions of the backrest. Our team will then assess how best to integrate the WheelAir system into your backrest.
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Step 2 - Shipping

After the consultation, we will explain the integration options and will provide an invoice and shipping label. You will then send your backrest to WheelAir HQ for our team integrate your WheelAir.

Step 3 - Integration

Once the backrest has arrived at our workshop, we will make the integration and ship the backrest back within two weeks. Enjoy the benefits of temperature and microclimate control.
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Looking after your mind and body

Health & Wellbeing

The ability to control body temperature is not a luxury, but a necessity. WheelAir helps prevent problems associated with overheating and over-sweating, giving you more control your temperature, skin care, and comfort.

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Microclimate Control

WheelAir keeps the back contact area up to 9.2°C cooler and reduces relative humidity by 25.2%. Research shows the importance of keeping your skin dry and clean and WheelAir is a tool to help you do this.

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Enhanced Comfort

With a WheelAir integration in your current rigid backrest, enjoy the added benefits of temperature and moisture control with 6 airflow settings while getting the postural support that you need.

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WheelAir Rigid Back Integration


Our product overview

27 hour battery life

Low noise

Wireless Remote

6 cooling settings

USB-C Chargeable

1.5 hour charge time




WheelAir rigid back integrations

To have your backrest integrated with WheelAir, please drop us an email and provide us with: the brand name of your backrest, pictures of the backrest and how it sits on the wheelchair, and the dimensions of the backrest (backrest width and height).