Cushion Cover

Microclimate, humidity and temperature control benefits with the comfort of your current cushion

The WheelAir Cushion Cover provides the microclimate, humidity and temperature control benefits of the WheelAir system while keeping the pressure relieving and shear force qualities and comfort of your existing seat cushion.


Our very own backrest with an integrated WheelAir System

A canvas backrest but taken to the next level, combining function and effortlessly stylish (and silent) design. The WheelAir backrest combines carefully selected fabric and foams to enhance your back support and comfort. Available in 6 widths to fit all manual or power chairs with a tension adjustable strap system.

Slingback - Long

Our very own backrest with an integrated WheelAir System - designed for higher backrests

The WheelAir Slingback Long is a seating system created to be your ultimate tool for temperature and sweat control. Designed for tension adjustable straps and finished with carefully selected fabrics and foams to instantly improve posture and comfort. Equipped with the WheelAir airflow system and Fluid FlowTM channel technology to control and stimulate ventilation across the backrest.

Rigid Back Integration

Full temperature and moisture control, now available for integration in your rigid back.

Have you been eyeing up our Slingback and wishing it could fit on your rigid backrest? Well, now it can! With help from our selected partners, we can now integrate and retrofit the WheelAir System to rigid backs.

Custom Seating

Don’t compromise on posture to stay cool

The WAcare parts become integrated components of the seating system, with only the Fanbox visible and removable. Due to the modularity there are really no limits as to how and where the products can be integrated. The request for a WAcare integration can be made by the medical practitioner with one of our recognised partners, with whom we work closely together to integrate as desired.


Cooling is no longer reserved for high-end cars

Powerchairs naturally come with lots of features, yet cooling was never one of them... until now. We have partnered with power chair companies to integrate our WheelAir System during the manufacturing process, so that all you need to do is select the option at point of purchase. Coming soon!

Lumbar Support

Posture support and comfort - with optimal airflow from WheelAir

The WheelAir Lumbar Support allows for customisable seating solutions and positioning abilities. The lightweight cushion creates relief areas and can accommodate postural deformities where needed, while still allowing optimal airflow delivered through the Fluid FlowTM channels. Designed for use with the WheelAir Slingback.

Tension Adjustable Straps

A perfect alternative for the standard wheelchair strap system

The Tension Adjustable Straps system is an easy to install support system to carry a canvas backrest or the WA Slingback, offering thoracic stability and customisable backrest positioning. A perfect alternative for the standard wheelchair strap system, it easily secures to the wheelchair canes, with anti slip fabric for extra security. The system adjusts to various back contours, with a customisable number of straps. Use the backrest’s hook and strips to attach to the product’s loop straps.