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We launched the next generation WheelAir.

We are just weeks away from shipping V2! This new generation WheelAir is currently in production and can be pre-ordered on our website now 😉

Did you check out our new features?

We continued to spread awareness on the importance of microclimate management, overheating, and over-sweating.

In July, Victoria Curling and Suzanna Shari from NHS Guys & St Thomas Wheelchair Services (Kings College Hospital) presented the “Can ventilation improve posture?” paper at the PMG Conference. The presentation proved to be a turning point in our UK recognition and put us on the map with Occupational Therapists. It showed an improved seating situation for a patient with complex seating needs and longstanding issues with overheating and perspiration.
With many WheelAir Systems installed in the UK by OttobockConsolor, and others, we also received feedback that it has helped prevent heat-induced seizures and muscle spasms. And because it is addressing a clinical need, the WheelAir System has been funded by the NHS on multiple occasions.

WheelAir co-exhibited with Ottobock at PMG.

WheelAir was also present with Ottobock on their stand, demonstrating how the WheelAir system can be integrated into custom moulded seating! You can watch a brief video about the system incorporating with Ottobock here.

We published our Clinical Indications.

Our studies showed that WheelAir can lower back temperature by 8˚C in 30 minutes and – when used preventively – can avoid any heat and moisture build-up altogether, keeping the skin temperature at the optimal 32˚C. WheelAir is most effective when used preventively, ensuring the user’s back and body stays at a constant temperature, reducing fatigue and heat stress, and improving comfort.

Our team travelled to REHACARE in Germany to exhibit the V2 WheelAir System

What an intense (and exciting) week it was! Corien, David, and Yves brought the new WheelAir system to REHACARE. They were busy meeting people, showing the new WheelAir off, and getting feedback on V2. It was great to get such positive reactions to the developments that we made (like a wireless remote!).

Roadshows in Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Australia, and Germany.

WheelAir in Australia
Corien spent a two weeks in Australia to support our Australian distributor MWD and promoting WheelAir at the OT Conference in Sydney. Training their staff and retail stores had highlighted the importance of having in-depth training sessions with all our resellers, so this is something we are developing further!

Image of Corien Staels at AccelerateHER Awards with Winners

As a result of winning the AccelerateHER competition she joined the AccelerateHER mission in Berlin to attend the Charite Summit, pitch WheelAir at the British Embassy, and visit new customers

We launched our new website, logo and branding.

We launched our new website in September. Not only does it highlight our new branding, but it also has more features such as a Knowledge section, a page on Grant funding, information about retailers and partners, and is faster, smarter, and simpler to use.

We received more fantastic feedback from customers!

We love hearing from our customers! Their feedback has been an integral part of the development process of V2 and it is our mission to create a world where every wheelchair user feels comfortable and in control of their temperature. You can read some of their experiences with WheelAir on the website.

And lastly... Corien is nominated for "Inventor of the Year" by the Inclusive Teach Alliance Awards



As you can see… we’ve been busy!
We want to thank you for being a part of the WheelAir journey – we can’t wait for what’s to come!

That’s all for now, stay cool (and dry) out there! ☀️

Team WheelAir

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