Making our mark on history at the first ever adaptive Highland Games

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WheelAir's first ever Adaptive Highland Games

Caber tosses, tug of war, haggis and, of course, a tiny bit of rain

So….we travelled the (7 hours!) up to John O’Groats this weekend to support para-athletes at the Mey Cultural and Highland Games. And it was well worth the journey!

We experienced it all – caber tosses, tug of war, haggis and, of course, a tiny bit of rain. And para-athletes from all corners of the earth had travelled to compete.

What ‘The Tank’ thought of the WheelAir…

Scottish heavy athletics professional, Alex ‘The Tank’ Armor tried out a WheelAir during the event and he felt it really helped him out. He told us:

“Being a heavy athletics and strongman competitor, almost all of my events are outdoors, in temperatures up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, and I have had to battle severe overheating due to my MS and other medical issues. This is not so when using WheelAir!I was able to focus and compete at the top of my ability throughout the entire day! Truly life and sport changing!”

Check out this video of him competing:

We were so proud to be part of this historical moment for inclusivity!

Other supporters included the Invictus Games, Royal British Legion Scotland, Highland Council, Help for Heroes and Returned Services League of Australia.