Let’s Build an Accessible World – Corien Staels TEDxTalk

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Have you ever properly taken a moment to think about the world from the perspective of someone with a disability?

Our CEO Corien Staels realised she hadn’t until the first meeting with her university dissertation tutor who was paraplegic. Her tutor explained to Corien that she struggled every day with overheating in her wheelchair. From that moment, Corien was on a social mission to solve that problem. Her determination led to the creation of the WheelAir cooling backrest cushion for wheelchairs, which is now changing lives by enhancing mobility. So what if everyone took a moment to look at life from a disabled persons’ shoes? Would we live in a more accessible world?

Corien discusses this concept in her talk for TEDxUniversityofGlasgow’s “Press Pause To Begin” event. She delivers an important message about accessibility and mobility that we hope will inspire more social entrepreneurship to improve the lives of those with disabilities. We believe that together, we can improve the lives of millions! 


Watch the talk below.