LCS (Living Comfort Support) Acquires WheelAir

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LCS Ltd announce the acquisition of WheelAir. Through active airflow, WheelAir allows for self-regulation of body temperature and moisture control through convection, conduction and evaporation. The system can be adapted to suit all models of wheelchair seating, including custom moulded seating.

WheelAir will operate as a subsidiary of LCS, maintaining its brand identity with its range produced and distributed by LCS. Director, Luke Conway, stated, “LCS have been integrating the WheelAir Care system into our custom moulded seating for several years and customer feedback has always been excellent. Microclimate control is essential to skincare management, this product reduces temperature and humidity for the end user.”

WheelAir founder Corien Staels remains involved with the brand under LCS and will continue to work with existing and new customers. LCS are now working with seating providers, distributers and original equipment manufacturers to enhance their product’s competitiveness and innovation.

Parties interested in the commercial opportunities for the distribution and integration of WheelAir, please contact us at, +353 (0)71 916 3905 or