Over sweating

Over producing sweat due to a medical or more specifically neurological condition can lead to both mental distress and health complications related to skincare. The human sweat system is extremely effective in maintaining a constant temperature. Our pores open, release water and salt to the skin surface, and as the water evaporates, it transfers heat into the air. Thanks to the convection cycle, this warm air moves away and is replaced by cooler air ready to absorb more heat from the skin cooling you down further. It counts for 20% of the body’s heat loss and depends on the relative humidity. WheelAir aids the process by bringing that humidity level down through the supply of a constant flow of air, while at the same time speeding up the sweat evaporation.

Aside from the mental stress, symptoms are often skin related: red marks on the skin, rashes and the possibility of developing moisture lesions. It also comes with a lot of care, such as needing to change clothes multiple times per day and all the difficulties that come with finding the right seating solution.

Over sweating becomes an even bigger issue when sitting in a custom mould. That’s why we work with selected partners worldwide to offer the WheelAir System in custom moulded seating. A 12-month study by the NHS Kings College London, called “Can ventilation improve posture?”, demonstrated the user progressing from having his clothes changed four times per day to only once. A huge improvement.


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