It’s A Match! WheelAir & Assistive Tech

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We designed the WheelAir cooling backrest cushion to fit onto all active lightweight manual wheelchairs.

But did you know we also fit a number of electric wheelchairs & assistive tech devices as well?!

When we were at Naidex Trade Show at the NEC this year we were visiting the marvellous John Preston Healthcare’s stand. This was a great opportunity to try the WheelAir out on some of the electric wheelchairs that they had brought with them. We were delighted to discover that we were a great fit with their folding electric wheelchair range. Once we started putting the WheelAir together with products we just couldn’t stop! Not only this, we found out that the WheelAir is a perfect match with power assist manual wheelchair add-ons.

Folding electric wheelchairs WheelAir fit:

If you love to travel and get out and about, then the WheelAir & folding wheelchair combo is something to seriously consider. Folding wheelchairs are made for car, train and boat travel as they can vastly reduce in size… and the WheelAir is perfect for keeping you cool when going on holiday to a hot climate (check out our holiday case study!). The WheelAir folds perfectly with these chairs and adds hardly any weight. And most importantly…you don’t need to take it off when folding! 

Foldachair D09

The WheelAir covers the backrest of the Foldachair D09 easily, offering extra cooling and support.

The D09 is suited for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to its large 12.5 inch rear wheels. It can keep going for around 15.5 miles without needing recharged. It is the perfect wheelchair for transporting in the boot of your car or travelling on planes/ cruise ships because it can fold up in 5 seconds flat…and is very lightweight!

It weighs around 26kg and the WheelAir weighs just over 1kg – so it adds very little to the overall weight. The WheelAir doesn’t interfere at all with the folding aspect either, meaning they are easily used together.

Airwheel H3

This folding electric wheelchair folds itself with a touch of a button… on your phone! Bluetooth pairing allows you to drive the wheelAIR using an app. High tech! The wheelAIR is an excellent addition to this tech heavy powerchair.

Again, the wheelAIR slips easily over the back. An accessible dream team!

Assistive tech we fit with

Fantastically, the WheelAir is a great fit with power add-ons. Not just physically, but also in terms of the lifestyle they both enable. Our cooling backrest takes away the stress of overheating in a wheelchair, allowing users to do more. Similarly, power add ons facilitate an active, uninhibited lifestyle. 

Smart drive

The award-winning Smart Drive and the WheelAir actually have a lot in common. This nifty piece of assistive tech fits to all rigid and folding wheelchair frames and is designed to give users more independence (just like the WheelAir). It is a powerful electric add on and designed so users can turn it on and cruise effortlessly whenever you need it – even up steep hills and through thick carpets. It comes with a bracelet/watch control where the user can adjust speeds, see battery level and distance travelled. Like a mobility fit bit!

Just like the WheelAir, the battery lasts all day and it is very easy to put on and take off. The sleek design and very light weight (5.6kg) means it blends seamlessly into your life.

Used together, the WheelAir and Smart Drive give their users freedom.

The WheelAir fan box does not encroach on the space needed for the Smart Drive at the back of the wheelchair… they truly are a match made in heaven!

ZX1 Powerpack by Spinergy

Here you can see the wheelAIR backrest on a Progeo Joker R2 fitted with an ZX1 Powerpack manufactured by Spinergy. This add-on, again, allows you to widen your horizons and be more active!

Like the smart Drive, the ZX-1 sits neatly under your chair and requires no tools or assistance to attach and detach. You simply reverse your wheelchair onto the device and it attaches to the crossbar.

The ZX-1 is equipped with a joystick located on the armrest – it is very easy to navigate and control.

It weighs a lot more than the Smart Drive but can tackle the same terrains!

Check out how great the wheelAIR and ZX-1 look together… again there is no risk of them touching each other. What a great match!

These are just a sample of some of the assistive tech the wheelAIR fits with! The shape and flexibility of the WheelAir makes us very adaptable, so if you think we could fit to yours please get in touch and we can let you know.

Even if we don’t fit, do not fear! We offer a bespoke service where you can have your wheelAIR specially made to fit your chair. If you get in touch and we can figure out what is right for you!