How to Install the WheelAir Cooling Backrest in 10 Simple Steps

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Instantly Install Your WheelAir

Making life as carefree as possible for wheelchair users is a core aim for us here at WheelAir. With this in mind, our cushion is designed to easily attach to your wheelchair. So you can stay cool and be cool moments after your WheelAir has left the packaging!

All new WheelAirs come with an information manual (download here). This manual contains a step by step guide highlighting how to install your cushion.

But let’s be honest…we all love a short cut! So to save you the hassle of flicking through the manual, this blog post gives you all the information you need to quickly install your WheelAir and make sure it is ready to keep you cool.

Firstly, this short video shows you exactly how to install your cushion. Below this, there are written instructions outlining 10 steps to installation success!

WheelAir Installation Video

10 Steps to Installation Success

Step 1

Remove the current backrest from your wheelchair, this should be easily removed from Velcro fastener strips beneath. Leave the suspension support structure attached to your wheelchair.

Step 2

Determine whether your wheelchair support structure has hook or loop Velcro. Remove the loop Velcro strips from the WheelAir backrest cushion if necessary.

Please note: step 5, 6 and 7 can be performed before attaching the cushion to the wheelchair (step 3) if preferred.

Step 3

Make sure the internal channels are flat inside the cushion.

The WheelAir is delivered with the channels inserted correctly, but sometimes users pull out the channels too far when attaching it to the fan box, leaving the channels popped out which can create pressure points.

It is important to make sure that the winged V’s (2 on each side of each rubber channel) are in the right place in the foam. To the right is another video which clearly shows what we mean by this.

Once the channels are flat, secure the cushion to your chair by sticking the front part of the WheelAir to the front of the support structure, followed by the back.

Step 4

Also ensure that the WheelAir logo is on the back side. Also ensure that the bottom of the channels are aligned just below your seat. The WheelAir should now be securely attached to your wheelchair.

Step 5

Peel off the Velcro fastener strip on the bottom of the WheelAir and feed through the top of the fan box.

Step 6

Take the fan box and align the two openings with the two channel endings in the backrest cushion and click into place. The WheelAir logo should be visible to you.

Step 7

Fasten the Velcro on the bottom of the WheelAir. This ensures extra protection. Make sure nothing covers the fan box vents as this will prevent the flow of air from functioning effectively.

Step 8

Feed the remote through the gap your wheelchair between the backrest and seat cushion on the side that suits you best (we recommend the right side).

Step 9

Step 10

You can now use your WheelAir and alter the intensity of the air flow by using the remote.

Final Checklist

Have you…

  • Made sure the internal channels are flat?
  • Secured the bottom velcro strip around the fan box bar?
  • Stuck your remote to the side of your wheelchair for safe keeping?

You’re Ready to Go!

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