Guess what? We’re working with Edinburgh Airport

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WheelAir And Edinburgh Airport

WheelAir is now part of the service offering at Edinburgh Airport!

We are delighted to let you know that after a successful summer trial, Edinburgh Airport have purchased WheelAirs from our Scottish retailer, Fast Aid Products (part of the John Preston Group), to use as part of the OmniServ service for disabled passengers!

Be it on arrival or departure, passengers can now use the WheelAir to keep them cool, comfortable and in control whilst at the airport. So if you are travelling through and would like to use the WheelAir, just ask the OmniServ team (airport solution providers) to sort you out.

“Listening to passenger’s feedback is very important to us at OmniServ,” commented Training and HR Advisor, Tracey Scott, “and the feedback from the WheelAir trial certainly exceeded expectations. It is clear that this product is going to be life-changing for so many wheelchair users.

In fact, one person enjoyed using the WheelAir so much that they took it from the airport… without our permission I might add!”

It’s true… one WheelAir was stolen from the airport during the trial! Who was this thief?! And where in the world have they taken the WheelAir?! The mystery is real. We will always wonder what happened to that one WheelAir that got away….