Fresh, Fun and Exciting…Our new product images are game changing

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Brand Update

New product images!

Last week we created some new product images for WheelAir in Notting Hill, London with our brand ambassador Samanta Bullock.

How beautiful does Samanta look!? How great does the WheelAir look on her wheelchair?! We are ecstatic.

Sharing fresh and exciting imagery is central for us to communicate our innovative design & branding. We hope by doing this not just to draw attention to our brand, but to the mobility market as a whole.

Samanta started using the WheelAir on her wheelchair this summer. As a former Paralympic tennis player and now a successful model, she is a key influencer in the fashion community and represents many disability inclusion groups.

The images will be used in our wider marketing to support sales and increase awareness of inclusivity, accessibility and the importance of promoting disability fashion.