Frequently asked Questions

Can I purchase a WheelAir system?

No, the WheelAir system is always integrated by the manufacturer and purchased by the manufacturer. More information, drop us an email at info@wheelair.co.uk or check out the product page.

Can I replace my WheelAir v1 for the new version?

Email the team at info@wheelair.co.uk for the terms and conditions.

Do I need to take my WheelAir off to fold my active wheelchair?

If you have a rigid active chair, the WheelAir can stay on when folding forward the backrest. If you have a folding chair, thus the frame folding in the middle, the fan box needs to be removed, but the backrest can stay on the chair.

Does it really work?

WheelAir has the ability to cool the back down 8˚C within 30 minutes. See the Clinical Indications for more info! It cools through accelerating convective, conductive and evaporative  heat loss.

How do I know if WheelAir will work with my chair?

Visit our product page for information about the WheelAir system and the different types of seating systems it can be integrated with.

How easy is it to take the fan box on and off my chair?

The fan box now attaches with magnets, meaning it is easy to remove with one hand or reduced manual dexterity.

How long does the fan work for, and what is the charge time?

Depending on the fan setting you use, the WheelAir can be on for up to 24 hours. To get the fanbox back to full charge, it takes only 1.5 hours of charge (but you can get it to 80% in 1 hour!).

How loud is the fan… I don’t want it to be disruptive at work

Sound from the WheelAir is measured at 43DB. The fan speed can be adjusted to 5 different levels, with a 6th boost setting using it at its full power. The 43DB is measured at its full intensity.

I bought a WheelAir but I have a new wheelchair and the width of the backrest is different than my WheelAir backrest cushion. What should I do?

If your wheelchair changes and the width of the backrest is different, you can purchase new parts for your WheelAir. The system (fan box and channels) fits in all standard sizes, so if you replace the foam and cover, you will be able to use your WheelAir on your new chair.

I can’t sweat, will WheelAir still help me stay cool?

It will! WheelAir takes away excess body heat through convection, conduction, and evaporation heat loss. So even if you don’t sweat, the convection and conduction heat loss will still cool you down. Check our Clinical Indications for more info!

I don’t sweat, so I don’t think I need WheelAir?

Sweating is your body’s natural means of cooling itself down. If this doesn’t occur, the heat building up internally can be pretty dangerous to you health (= overheating). Some possible consequences of this include muscle cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Even if you can’t sweat, WheelAir cools your body temperature down through convection and conduction heat loss. If you simulate sweat with water spray or wet towels and then use the WheelAir, you will also experience the cooling sensation of sweating (cooling you even faster!).

I have no sensation below my spinal lesion…how will I feel a difference with WheelAir?

Even without sensation in your back, WheelAir will still keep you feeling cool. Overheating can cause fatigue, muscle cramps, spasms, nausea and other issues that you feel throughout your body. As your body cools down with WheelAir, the feeling of wellness should return, which is how you’ll know its working. The airflow helps reduce body temperature through a process of convection, conduction, and evaporation heat loss.

Is that not too cold? Is it bad for my kidneys? Is it harmful to my muscles?

No! There is no active cooling element in the WheelAir fan box. The cooling process happens by circulating the air from your environment, and you will never cool down more than the ambient temperature. The ideal skin temperature is 32˚C, however by using a normal backrest/cushion the temperature quickly rises to 36˚C or more! We bring that right back down. Also, note that you can control the intensity of the airflow with 5 settings and a 6th super-boost setting.

Is the WheelAir like air conditioning for your wheelchair?

The WheelAir is not “air conditioning”, so it does not cool down the air temperature before it goes through the backrest. But it does cool you down through convection, conduction, and evaporation heat loss!

It’s really hot where I live, does it still work?

WheelAir still works when it’s really, really hot outside because the airflow helps with cooling down through evaporation and latent heat transfer. Ideally, WheelAir works best when humidity is below 70%. The Clinical Indications show how much you can cool through each setting, in each environment ranging from 10˚C to 37˚C.

What happens if my WheelAir is lost in the post?

If you have tracked your WheelAir using the tracking number provided in your purchase email and it has not arrived despite being marked as delivered, please get in contact with us and we can work to solve this for you.

Where’s best to place the remote?

It can either be put in the back pouch (if you have the WheelAir cushion), in your trouser pockets or wherever else you see fit. Just whatever is comfortable really! We also supply a small velcro patch that comes with the WheelAir kit to attach it to the side guards.

Will the WheelAir backrest change my posture in my chair?

Many WheelAir users describe the WheelAir cushion as a more supportive and posture correcting backrest compared to regular sling backs. This is due to the custom blend of high quality viscoelastic foams.