Custom Seating

Don’t compromise on posture to stay cool

Custom moulded seating systems are known to create lots of unwanted heat and moisture due to their posture correcting qualities. We have partnered with custom moulded seating companies and hospital wheelchair services in multiple countries to make sure your WheelAir System comes pre-installed.


Our product overview

6 cooling settings

Low noise

27 hour battery life

Wireless Remote

USB-C Chargeable


Our Clinical Assessment Toolkit has all the information you need on how to determine whether you or your client have a clinical need for WheelAir.

The toolkit includes: Heat & Moisture Risk Factor Scale, Literature Reviews, a Product Selection Tool, Conditions Index, and Testing for the WheelAir Slingback and WheelAir Cushion Cover.

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A system designed for integration

The WAcare parts become integrated components of the seating system, with only the Fanbox visible and removable. Due to the modularity there are really no limits as to how and where the products can be integrated. With a WAcare integration as part of the seating system, the client regains full control of the internal and seat surface temperature and humidity build-up, often replacing desk fans and towels. The request for a WAcare integration can be made by the medical practitioner with one of our recognised partners, with whom we work closely together to integrate as desired. Please contact us or one of our recognised partners to discuss possibilities near you.


“After a 12 month study, it has become clear that the WheelAir has significantly improved Mr. R’s life and that of those around him. He now needs his clothes changed only once per day and barely shows any sign of sweating anymore.”

Mr R's Carer

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