Case Study

Samanta Bullock – Staying cool and collected in London with WheelAir


WheelAir User

Samantha Bullock

Age: 40 years old
Job: Model, athlete, public speaker
Condition: Spinal Cord Injury – T12-L1 Paraplegic

I live a pretty full-on lifestyle. As a model, an ambassador for Parallel London and Fashion Inclusivo as well as a public speaker – I have plenty to juggle. I am very interested in inclusive fashion – I have modelled several times at London Fashion week to help promote this!

When I first heard about WheelAir, I was interested, but uncertain about how much it would help me. I often get too cold rather than too hot. However, once putting it on my wheelchair during the summer, I was pleasantly surprised by how useful it was on multiple occasions.

In one instance I was in London on a very hot day (28 ̊C) for a meeting. The broken air conditioning system was causing me much discomfort, but with the press of a button I was cool and back in control. Second, I was at the gym working out at an insanity session (more like sweat-sanity session!). Using the WheelAir made such a difference to my comfort during it! Last, when I was at a photoshoot in the hot summer sun, the WheelAir was a compete lifesaver!

It amazed me how much more I used the WheelAir than I thought I would. It’s also very trendy looking, so the brand fits well with my look. I believe it will improve the lives of so many wheelchair users.

That is why I have come on as WheelAir brand ambassador. I want to help spread the word about this great innovation to as many people it could help as possible.