Case Study

Rachel Broxton – Keeping in control of temperature and feeling calm with WheelAir

WheelAir User

Rachel Broxton

Age 42

Condition: Fibromyalgia, sleep apnea and nerve damage plus 13 conditions

Uses Wheelair – V1


Rachel is a 42 year old mum of one that loves life, tattoos, reading, and helping others. 

Rate the WheelAir (from 0% to 100% effectiveness)

Cooling effect on body:  100%

Overall health benefits: 100%

Comfort: 100%

Ease of installation: 100%

Ease of use: 100%

Appearance: 100%  – although added colour would be great 🙂 

Rachel's experience with WheelAir

When do you use WheelAir?

I use WheelAir as soon as I sit in my chair so the cooling benefits start working straight away to avoid overheating.

When has having WheelAir made the most impact for you? 

It’s such a fantastic product, as soon as I bought WheelAir I noticed the significant difference in my ability to regulate my  temperature.

How is WheelAir in day to day settings? 

Day to day its great, however I do find if I am in a busier setting it can sort of struggle if air quality is lower but still does not stop me using it to stay cool. 

What fan setting do you normal use? 

In general I use the middle setting because I find it has already improved my quality of comfort whilst in my chair – so I don’t need it on too high or too low. 

How did the WheelAir cooling effects impact your health and comfort? 

The cooling effects of WheelAir have been my lifeline because I sweat a lot and I panic when I’m sweating and then I feel uncomfortable.  With WheelAir I stop stressing so I get to enjoy everyday and now I find myself going out more, as well and doing simple things like sitting in the garden for longer. WheelAir is just perfect and actually I think they should come with all wheelchair when purchased but that’s me being my opinion. 

Has WheelAir changed how you felt physically? 

WheelAir is my heartbeat. I am unable to feel free physically without WheelAir and I experience symptoms of overheating such as tiredness, sick feeling in my stomach, being wet from sweating, clammy skin, my posture is slumped because I just feel unwell… it’s not nice to know you have to sit in wheelchair and get stressed and anxious about being wet from sweating or feeling unwell due to the body not being able to cool itself. With WheelAir, I can avoid these negative feelings and symptoms by using the cooling airflow to manage my temperature throughout the day. My wheelAir is my heartbeat I need it, it means freedom to enjoy my day. 

Thanks you Rachel for sharing your experience with us!

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