Case Study

Natasha Price – Staying Cool in Australia with WheelAir

WheelAir User

Natasha Price

Name: Natasha Price
Age: 38
Condition: Transverse Myelitis, Autoimmune disease, Type 1 diabetes, Gastroparesis
Tested WheelAir: During summer in Australia

Natasha Price is an adaptive athlete, entrepreneur, public speaker, author and blogger from the Gold Coast, Australia.

In 2008, a rare disease, which she was unaware she had, left her blind and paralysed almost overnight. Three years later, a relapse left her paralysed from the neck down. Her optimism, determination and unwillingness to accept dependence as her future, has since lead her to an incredible life.

In April 2018, Natasha founded InvincAble, an organisation which empowers those living with disability to lead more full and active lives.

Natasha’s sport of choice is wheelchair racing. During her first marathon in July, 2018 Natasha had the honour of racing alongside Paralympic champions. This experience led her to the decision to chase future elite athletic dreams.

For more information about Natasha and InvincAble, please visit

Natasha’s review of WheelAir

I’ve had the opportunity to use WheelAir not only during my day to day activities but also during gym training sessions and outdoor cross training pushes in my day chair. On more than one occasion, I have felt like it was a godsend. During both activities the cooling action of the WheelAir has significantly extended the length of time I have been able to train for before overheating has become an issue. This is especially important in a place like Queensland, where we have a year round warm climate. Consequently, I achieve a more effective training program at all times of the year.

I have found WheelAir helpful on hot, humid days when I need to focus and get work done at home but the air conditioning isn’t keeping my body temperature regulated. It gives me that extra boost of coolness and allows me to concentrate longer and feel less overwhelmed by the weather.

Spending time with friends…

I have also found it great on warm nights out with friends, at times when I might otherwise have avoided being outdoors or in a crowded environment because I would have been too hot. For a long time, I would turn down offers of going to bars or evening BBQs due struggling with overheating and it has, at times, sadly led to isolation from friends. It’s nice to be able to join in now.

For example, I went to an outdoor Christmas party and it was such a warm night. I kept my WheelAir on all night and, I have to say, I really do think it helped stop me from overheating all night. It also kept me looking presentable in my fancy clothes and not a sweaty mess.

Why she loves the WheelAir…

The WheelAir is certainly an easy product to love. It’s premium looking, the cushioning makes it extremely comfortable, and it’s breathability just adds to the comfort, particularly in a sub tropical climate like here. I love the little pocket and have used it to store small items that I’d like easy access to. It really does come in handy. The remote control is pretty self explanatory and easy to operate.

I may not have always been able to physically feel the cooling sensation of the WheelAir; this has been particularly true on extremely hot, humid and unrelentingly sunny days, however, I can without question say that I feel a little less exhausted and sweaty after time outdoors, even indoors on a high humidity day. This has enabled me to not only be more productive in general but also get more enjoyment out of social activities. The WheelAir really has made a big difference to my life.