Case Study

Jo McAlpine – Staying cool on holiday with WheelAir

WheelAir User

Jo McAlpine

Name: Joe McAlpine
Age: 36
Condition: Neurological
Tested the WheelAir: During his week long holiday to Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands.

Joe took his WheelAir on holiday to Gran Canaria – where temperatures averaged around 28°C – to help him stay cool in his wheelchair. He now considers the WheelAir to be a holiday essential. Read this case study to find out more about his experiences with overheating and how WheelAir helped him stay cool and enjoy his vacation to the max.

Joe’s current challenges with overheating

When I’m in my wheelchair, I am always hot and bothered when wheeling. This increases my pain levels and I tire more easily. In the past, I have experienced some side effects from getting too hot. These range from muscle cramps, excessive tiredness to nausea and vomiting.

In a day to day way, overheating prevents me from enjoying my life fully whether it be hanging out with my family or attending an event socially. I am particularly nervous about how my body will react in very hot climates, which detracts from the excitement when booking a trip abroad with my family. When I’m on holiday the fact that I can’t stay as cool as I need to means that I can’t partake in all the activities I want to – I often have to stop and rest.

After using the WheelAir abroad, Joe would now consider it to be a holiday essential.

Joe's WheelAir Experience

I used the WheelAir every day when in Gran Canaria and my body felt noticeably cooler… there was no way I was taking it off! It allowed me to enjoy my holiday so much more… in fact, I can’t imagine going on holiday without it now, it’s a holiday essential. I found I was far more comfortable and could achieve a lot more with my days than previous trips. For example, I was able to travel with my toddler on my lap for considerably longer without getting tired and I could enjoy sitting in the sunshine.

The WheelAir definitely helped me stay more in control, I felt as though I was finally at a “normal” temperature! I was definitely less irritable and in terms of my health, I had less muscle spasms as I did not overheat.

The WheelAir was very easy to install. It was significantly more supportive and comfortable than my old backrest. I found the different air flow levels the most useful function of the WheelAir – meaning I could adjust depending on how I am feeling.

Even when getting back from my trip I have been using the WheelAir everyday in Scotland. The backrest is significantly more comfortable than any other I’ve had because of the thickness of the memory foam… so with the fan box attached or not, it is a total asset in my life.