Our vision is to create a world where every wheelchair user feels comfortable and in control of their temperature.

The WheelAir system is the first temperature and moisture control system designed to fit any wheelchair. It disperses air evenly across the seat surface to lower temperature, remove moisture build-up, and keep skin dry and clean.


Where did the idea come from?

The very first WheelAir was brought to life in 2015 by founder Corien Staels, as her final university project during her textiles degree. Her university tutor, who was a wheelchair user, had told Corien of the problems associated with overheating. Corien thought… why don’t I solve that?

Looking into the issue of overheating further, Corien learned that overheating in a wheelchair is not only very uncomfortable, but also potentially dangerous. She learned that people were using ice-packs and water sprays to keep cool. It seemed ridiculous to her that in this day and age, there wasn’t a technological solution.

So, she came up with the WheelAir concept. A simple idea that has already made a lot of impact. The WheelAir system is designed to remove excess heat and moisture from the backs of wheelchair users and cool their core temperature. Not only this, the team is working hard to build a stylish brand that wheelchair users can relate to. The WheelAir has been described as ‘a breath of fresh air’ in the industry. Best of all, the WheelAir is already changing lives. One user, Jay, told us when she first tried the WheelAir that it was the first time in 20 years that she had been able to sit it in the sun without overheating. A momentous moment for both Jay and us.


Behind the idea and vision

Corien Staels

WheelAir Founder

Corien started her journey in fashion and business but took a turn and suddenly found herself in the mobility industry. She started WheelAir while studying her Masters in Glasgow and has worked tirelessly since, winning many prizes and awards along the way.

Case Studies

"WheelAir made an incredible difference to her life and she is so much happier"


Rosie is a 16-year-old from Hertfordshire, England. Her mother shared Rosie's story, from struggling with temperature regulation and skin care management due to overheating and sweat build-up, to being able to take trips to the seaside and manage her temperature with the help of a WheelAir integration in her custom seating.
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The community of WheelAir

Does WheelAir make a difference?

How does WheelAir impact users?

“I use to have to drink lots and lots of water because of overheating. Now with WheelAir, I no longer need to worry about that.”

Jay Anderson

Professional Athlete & Sports Coach

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