5 Things I Love About my WheelAir

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Guest blog post alert!

One of our wheelAIR PROs, Sophie Bevan, has told us what she loves about her WheelAir…

So I’ve had my WheelAir for 36 days now and after some thought, decided now would be a great opportunity to tell you 5 things I LOVE about my WheelAir… so here we go:

It doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb!

By this I mean that it easily replaced the existing back rest fabric/cushion on my wheelchair and it’s not at all obvious that there’s anything extra or different about it. It was so easy to fit thanks to the instructions provided. It matches my chair in colour and looks like it’s always been part of my chair – I wish it had been to be honest!

It’s so comfy.

The memory foam is the best thing ever and I can’t really think of more words, best ever definitely sums it up perfectly.

It’s so easy to charge.

Using the micro USB wire provided and the fact it is easily accessible as it’s on the remote control means that you can even charge on the go with the use of a portable charger, if you have a ginger moment like I do regularly, and forget to charge and get caught out on an uncharacteristically hot English summer day.

It keeps me sweat free!

Talking of uncharacteristically hot English summer days we’ve been having, I’m loving the fact that at the touch of a button I can gently blast cold air around my back and cool down quickly which thankfully also gets rid of the sweaty back feeling – yay to #NoSweat. 

It’s virtually silent.

This is so handy as it means I can keep nice and cool at work and no one will know that I’m being assisted by fans! They’re all very jealous in my office and keep trying to persuade me to let them sit in my wheelchair so they can cool down – not happening sorry guys!

To be honest I love my WheelAir so much that I could sit here and probably right 5 more things I love about it but then you’d probably get bored of my waffling so on this occasion I won’t, but all I will say is that it has made a positive impact on my life and if you are looking at the product and reading reviews/stories and thinking of giving it a go then contact the WheelAir team – you most certainly won’t be disappointed!!


— Sophie Bevan