3 Outdoor Adaptive Activities in a Wheelchair

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3 Outdoor Adaptive Activities in a Wheelchair

Staying active and exercising regularly are key for maintaining physical and mental health

Beyond adaptive sports like wheelchair rugby, tennis, basketball, and many other intensive sports, there are a number of ways to stay active. We’ve put together a list of three amazing activities wheelchair users can enjoy to stay active and get outside! Enjoy activities like camping and gardening and stay cool the entire time with WheelAir.


Being able to plant your favorite flowers, pick fresh herbs for a delicious dinner, or simply enjoy the great outdoors are all possible when gardening from a wheelchair.

Gardening can easily be adapted to wheelchair users by planting flowers or vegetables in raised garden beds or hanging pots.

Not only is gardening a relaxing, enjoyable activity, but it’s a great way to spend sometime in the sunshine.


The fresh air, sunshine and tranquility of nature makes camping a wonderful activity.

From camping spots closer to home or making a plan to road trip to different parks and campsites, camping is feasible. Many campgrounds have accessible sites and allow you to reserve them in advance.

Read more about how Daniel went camping with his family and took WheelAir along to stay cool and comfortable during the trip.

Nature Trails & Hiking

Going for a hike or enjoying nature trails might seem like an inaccessible activity for wheelchair users. However, the amazing benefits of getting outside and enjoying nature are a powerful motivator. Many parks have created wheelchair accessible trails which usually have smoother grades and wider paths and the novice trails don’t require special equipment.

“There is abundant scientific proof that outdoor hiking and increased time in nature decreases stress and depression, while simultaneously, increasing creativity and happiness.”

With a bit of research it’s now possible to scout the accessibility of the trails in your area before you ever leave the house. Before you head off, make sure to bring the appropriate supplies, like some snacks, your WheelAir and lots of water!


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