Remain in control of skincare, temperature, and moisture buildup.


Avoid heat and moisture build-up


Research demonstrates the necessity to keep your skin dry and clean, and we finally created a tool to help you do this. The WheelAir Slingback reduces the temperature of the back 9˚C and lowers relative humidity by 25%.
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WheelAir Over-sweating Animation Still

Over Sweating

Help your sweat evaporate with WheelAir. WheelAir gently blows the air from around you onto your skin, lowering the relative humidity and keep your skin and clothing dry.
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WheelAir Overheating Animation Still


Take control of your body temperature. Heat and moisture is wicked away from your body, while we reduce your back - and body - temperature, leaving you cool and refreshed.
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WheelAir has a range of product options to suit different your needs


Say goodbye to old fashioned methods of temperature and humidity control such as handheld fans, water sprays, ice packs, or avoiding any heat generating activities all together.

Sling Back

Our very own backrest with an integrated WheelAir System

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Rigid Back

Your trusted back support, but better

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Take control of unwanted heat and moisture in custom seating.

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Custom Moulded Seating

Don’t compromise on posture to stay cool

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Rigid Back

Full temperature and moisture control, now available for integration in your rigid back.

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Cooling is no longer reserved for high-end cars

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What does an Occupational Therapist think about WheelAir

"Overheating can make some people feel a loss of control and very anxious. WheelAir helps eliminate this."

Susie Turnbull

Advanced Occupational Therapist

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Our Clinical Assessment Toolkit has all the information you need on how to determine whether you or your client have a clinical need for WheelAir.

We’ve put together a toolkit to help determine if there is a clinical need for WheelAir. The toolkit includes: Heat & Moisture Risk Factor Scale, Literature Reviews, a Product Selection Tool, Conditions Index, and Testing for the WheelAir Slingback and WheelAir Cushion Cover.


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"WA Slingback keeps the back contact area up to 9.2°C cooler and reduces relative humidity by 25.2%"

WheelAir Webinars

Join us for educational webinars on a range of topics!

Heat, epilepsy, and WheelAir

Did you know that when your body overheats, there is an increased risk of developing a seizure? For those with epilepsy, the risk of experiencing a seizure is even more likely when they have a difficult time managing their body temperature, for example, due to close fitting seating systems, environmental temperature, or medication. During this webinar we will discuss the relationship between epilepsy and heat, how this works, who is more vulnerable, prevention methods, and the influence of the WheelAir system on temperature

November 30th, 2021

Warmte en vocht in rolstoelzittingen

Vocht en warmte gerelateerde klachten zijn bekende symptomen voor hen die gebruik maken van een rolstoel of voor hen die werken met cliënten met complexe zitbehoeften. WheelAir heeft de afgelopen vijf jaar onderzoek gedaan naar dit onderwerp om beter te begrijpen hoe de symptomen herkend kunnen worden. We hebben nu tools ontwikkeld om het hitte- en vochtrisico van een client klinisch te evalueren en leveren daarmee een bijdrage aan het verantwoorden van de vergoeding. Deze tools zijn nu beschikbaar en we zijn klaar om deze kennis met u te delen.

Oktober 28th, 2021



Behind the idea and vision

Our vision is create a world where every wheelchair user feels comfortable and in control of their temperature.

We’ve set out to design a long-lasting and life-changing product for wheelchair users, one which looks and feels like nothing else on the market, and which provides an almost instant impact.
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Live product demonstrations

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How WheelAir has impacted lives

"WheelAir will be a game changer for wheelchair users. I turn it on before I get warm so I am in control of my temperature"

Samanta Bullock

WheelAir Ambassador & Model

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"I mainly suffer from heat rashes on my skin which show up as red bumps. The big problem is that these bumps on the lower back and buttocks tend to open easily, which leads them to getting infected. "With WheelAir, I have to worry less about heat and moisture related issues and I no longer have to use creams or antibiotics."

Nienke Conijn

WheelAir Slingback User

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“I find overheating very, very uncomfortable. It’s also very hard to control. It limits what I can do. My body feels noticeably cooler after using the WheelAir. The main benefit is you can cool down at any time.”

Michael Kerr

WheelAir Ambassador & Paralympic Wheelchair Rugby Player

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"I constantly overheat, which makes me feel very uncomfortable. I used WheelAir every day on holiday and my body felt noticeably cooler after using it. I was much more comfortable doing everything that I did and I was able to relax when out in the sunshine."


Permanent Paraplegia at T5/T6 vertebral level

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"I went to an outdoor party and it was such a warm night. I kept my WheelAir on all night and, I have to say, I really do think it helped stop me from overheating all night. It also kept me looking presentable in my fancy clothes and not a sweaty mess. WheelAir really has made a big difference to my life."

Natasha Price

Adaptive Athlete & Entrepreneur

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